We know every step of what’s needed to make heavy transport work. Now, we’re making it work on hydrogen.

60 years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

We know what’s needed to make heavy transportation work.

While our green hydrogen solution is leading the charge to the future, as part of the Petromin Group our roots go deep into the past. It’s a huge advantage. We know heavy transportation, we know our region, and we have the partnerships that make our end-to-end solution the right solution for the clients we’ve been working alongside for over half a century.

Leading the change

Green hydrogen is critical to delivering SaudiVision 2030.

Globally, on-road diesel vehicles – which are primarily Heavy-Duty Vehicles (HDV) – are responsible for 78% of black carbon emissions and 86% of nitrogen oxides. Accelerating the transition to Zero-Emissions Vehicles (ZEV) could reduce road transport CO2 emissions by 73% by 2050 compared to 2020 levels. For the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC to have a chance of meeting its 2030 targets, much more emphasis has to be placed on decarbonizing the Commercial Vehicle sector and especially the Heavy-Duty Long-Haul Trucks. We need to act now. It’s why we’re here. To make change happen.

Our vision

We’re creating an end-to-end solution that enables adoption and change.

Hydromin was created to answer an urgent need – the deep decarbonisation of one of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC’s most essential industries, but also one of its biggest polluters: heavy transportation. The research has been done, the technology is ready, but connecting the industry to a green hydrogen solution is proving fragmented and slow. It’s why we’re taking the lead. Building the necessary infrastructure, bringing together the best manufacturers and technology in our region and drawing on our 60-year expertise to make change happen. Together, we are enabling zero-emissions heavy transport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

Meet our team

We’re a team that believes in action. We combine decades of industry know-how with diverse thinking and cutting-edge expertise. We’re big thinkers, but we’re even bigger doers.

Shoaib Jawaid

Shoaib Jawaid

Chief Strategy Officer

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Gary B. Flom

Gary B. Flom

Chief Executive Officer

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Jamil Al Kadri

Jamil Al Kadri

Chief Technology Officer

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