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Managing the energy transition is a challenge every industry is having to reckon with. For heavy transportation, various fuel alternatives have been considered, but a way forward hasn’t always been clear. Until now. Green hydrogen is the clearest and cleanest solution. However, while the technology is ready, the infrastructure has lagged. Which is why at Hydromin we’re taking the lead in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC. We bridge the gaps between hydrogen producers, vehicle manufacturers, fuelling stations, leasing and maintenance to offer a complete, end-to-end solution.

suggested infrastructure


    Every 300 KM


    Every 900 KM


    Every 350KM

  • 3X ABC DEF

    Every 450KM

Why green hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is the only clean energy source that can deliver the SaudiVision 2030 dual targets of transport sector growth and reduced carbon emissions. But fleet operators can’t use it because the market is fragmented and the infrastructure doesn’t exist. Until now.

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Cut emissions, weight, and refuelling time with green hydrogen. Find out how we can help you make the switch.

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