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Introducing an end-to-end green transport solution – based on 60 years of transport heritage and leading hydrogen technology

Our complete solution


Green hydrogen fuelling stations

We’re part of the Petromin Corporation, adding hydrogen fuelling options to our network of roadside stations across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC. Getting green hydrogen to the places where it’s needed.


State of the art fuel stations

As part of the Petromin Group, our fuel stations are already in key locations.


Hydrogen trucks, PPK, leasing and maintenance

Whatever your needs, pay per kilmeter (PPK) or our flexible leasing and maintenance solutions help you meet both your profitability and sustainability goals.

Long-term, short-term, scaling up or scaling down, together with our sister company NTSC and partners at Quantron we offer hassle-free leasing options that work for you. Reliable, convenient service and customized payment options, we help you make the switch to green transportation without a big capital investment.



Lease a 44-ton Heavy Truck with a world leading range.


Green hydrogen production

We use 100% renewable energy to produce our green hydrogen, getting you from A to B without leaving a trace.

Working with our partner Ohmium, our green hydrogen uses proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis technology to extract hydrogen gas safely and efficiently from water. The electrolysis process is powered by renewable energy, in our case solar and biomass (we even use chicken dung). Turning waste, into power, into fuel, into a solution that works for you and works for our planet.


Pure hydrogen

Generated onsite at any location using 100% renewable energy.


Hydrogen fuel cell conversion

Give your fleet a green second life with our hydrogen fuel cell retrofit.

Replacing your existing fleet is not only costly for you, it costs valuable raw materials to build new zero emissions vehicles. It’s why we work with our partners at Quantron to offer a retrofit fuel cell conversation service. We take your existing vehicle, remove the engine, exhaust system, gearbox and fuel tank and refurbish with a fuel-cell system that allows you to fuel-up on clean, green hydrogen.

The technology behind Hydromin

Cut emissions, weight, and refuelling time with green hydrogen.

Find out how we can help you make the switch.

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